Rental Type 2019 Rate
Weekday rental of Mammoth Room (Monday-Thursday) $600.00
Weekday rental of Firehole Room only $400.00
Weekend rental of Dining Lodge (Friday-Sunday) (non-commercial). Two-day rental. Choose Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday $2,600.00
Third weekend day (additional) $1,300.00
Weekday or Weekend Rental of Dining Lodge – corporate* $3,000.00

** A rental day is defined as 24 contiguous hours beginning at 12:00 PM and ending at 12:00 PM. The renter must complete all set-up and breakdown of their event during this 24 hour period. If more time is required, the renter must reserve the space for an additional day.

** Corporate events are defined as events in which the renting entity intends to make a profit through the sale of goods or services or charges an admission fee to the attendees. This does not include charitable events.

Security/Damages Deposit (refundable)
Rental Type 2019 Rate
Full Dining Lodge $500.00
Firehole Room Only (excludes use of Kitchen) $150.00

Cleaning Deposit (refundable)
Rental Type 2019 Rate
Full Dining Lodge $500.00
Firehole Room Only (excludes use of Kitchen) $150.00

Payment Schedule (2019)
Within two weeks of reservation: Full security/damages deposit due
9 months prior to the event Full cleaning deposit due
6 months prior to the event: 50% of rental fees due
3 months prior to the event: Remaining 50% of rental fees (+ kitchen use fees - 2018 events only)

Cancellation Policy (2019)
Event cancelled 1 year to 6 months prior to event YHC keeps 25% of rental fee (i.e. $650 for $2,600 weekend event)
Event cancelled 6 months to 3 months prior YHC keeps 50% of rental fee
Event cancelled 3 months to 1 month prior YHC keeps 75% of rental fee
30 days to 1 day prior or No show YHC keeps 100% of rental fee

** If the rental fee has not been paid prior to a cancellation, the withheld amount, as per the cancellation policy, will be retained from the security and/or cleaning deposit.


For more information on the Dining Lodge, click HERE to download the Rental Packet.